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“We’re building a platform that we wished we had access to when we first started in the luxury resale industry.”

Having access to people you can trust who have already done what you are trying to do is key in your success. No matter where you need help, from authentication to creating a logo of choosing between a SCorp or LLC, we are standing by to answer those questions in real time.



Membership Includes

  • Monthly Membership fee of $49 gives you a $100 credit towards Marque Luxury wholesale products *
  • Educational authentication support within the PLP, just post images and advisors will respond.
  • Exclusive content created for members only
  • Live selling at any one of the Marque Luxury showrooms with their products
  • Access to Wholesale Pricing for brands like but not limited to: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Hermes and More
  • Access to the Private Learning Platform - Learn, share ideas, early access to new products and more
  • Live video calls with industry professionals on specific topics to get help and gain knowledge
  • Private Invitation to the Marque Mentor Summit (when safe)
  • Free access to the e-course, How to Launch a Luxury Resale Business

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* Store credits provided for wholesale purchases from Marque Luxury Wholesale expire monthly during the term of membership. Annual subscribed members will receive a monthly store credit of $100 from Marque Luxury Wholesale which expire monthly.


“As an educator I have to salute you on putting together an absolutely incredible course! You have provided me with more info and resources than I ever expected. I can’t wait to begin this journey of putting my business together and I look forward to speaking with you at some point.” Thanks!
“It’s good to know, learn and understand all about history, the people behind the company, the logo variations & serial numbers and the creation of these bags etc.. I don’t know anything about buying brands or even looking at them before as I don’t buy them, whether they are original or not and the value of it. Now, that I am aware and able to afford them, I am interested to learn more. Thank you very much for this education.”
“Great material. While almost everything can be looked up and searched online, a great presentation like this makes a lot of difference on learning the basics of each brand specially for us, the beginners. I really appreciate the way things were explained in details. Just booked my self for volume 2 🙂 Thank you, Deanna”